Charming Krakow: 10 things to see

My wonderful friends suggested a trip to Krakow, Poland. I had never been so of course I was in. It is the native country of my late grandfather, who I unfortunately never met as he passed way too early. Curiosity and my hunger for adventure never cease – so we started our journey.

The city in the south of Poland is extremely charming and inviting. As a tourist you feel welcome everywhere you go. It is the cleanest city I have ever been to. Small cafés, boutiques and markets around the city are reachable in walking distance. If you don’t feel up to it, there is always the option to hop on to one of the small electic golf-cart-like mini buses going around the whole city.

Krakow is know for its different quarters – old town, jewish quarter or the ghetto. Art, architecture and history mark every single one. The many churches are spread throughout. Find a list of must see landmarks below. Fascinating enough most of them are free or cost very little.

The nightlife is busy and thriving – outdoor bars and restaurants promise the perfect evening with friends. You absolutely have to try one of the famous Zapiekana, a pizza/baguette like delight everyone is devouring.

Must see in Krakow:

  • Wawel Castle
  • Hero Square
  • Saint Mary’s Basilica
  • Crikoteca
  • Old Town
  • Bell Tower / Town Hall
  • Cloth Hall
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Ghetto
  • Markets

Happy weekend!

xx, Ännie



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