Trip Trip Hurrah: 3 tips for vacation planning

How do you go over planning, booking and organizing your trips? There are a few tricks to use to simplify the whole process.

1. Find Inspiration

Do you have a bucket list? Then consult it. Maybe you should just throw hesitation over board and jump on the opportunity to scratch something of your bucket list. For me two of these huge trips were to visit the Opera House in Sydney, Australia and to go on a Safari in Africa. Both of these things I was able to scratch off. You can just read up on the Safari in Mozambique here. Finally standing in front of the Opera House was a feeling of pure joy, I finally made it there when it has only been a dream for such a long time.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Pinterest and We Heart It are my favorite go tos, there are many places and scenes that inspire me. Find them on the ‘favorite places & spaces’ categories on my accounts. Instagram is also a great place to find inspiration, just browsing in the search section.

2. Find Travel Arrangements

When travelling I prefer apartments over Hotels. The experience is just way different. If you stay in a Hotel you are in a rather protected and closed off environment. While there are places in the world where you are better off with this security, there are other places where you can just enjoy a much better experience if you are on your own.

House Trip and airbnb are perfect to find apartments anywhere for any budget. In my experience many times it is much cheaper for a way better location than a hotel you can actually afford. These apartments are mostly centrally located when going on city trips or right next to the beach if you go on a beach holiday.

A new app I recently discovered is Hopper. It tells you the best days, when to book and how low fares for flights will drop. And I have to admit, it works perfectly. You just put in the dates and destination. Hopper sends you updates if prices drop but also tells you to keep waiting if they predict that prices will be even better in the future. If you are satisfied with the offered price it also let’s you book via their app. It even shows options like shorter duration or earlier take off and how that would affect the price.

3. Prepare your itinerary

This is crucial! Preparing a proper itinerary with all contact information, flight information and local pick-up service numbers saves my ass more than once. There is always something that can come up. Either you and your luggage are booked on different flights (yes, this happened to me in Mexico!) or you lock yourself out of the apartment with no spare keys anywhere (also happened before!). In situations like these a proper itinerary saves you but and a lot of time.

Save travels!!

xx, Ännie


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