Hakuna Matata: Safari in Mozambique

Going on a Safari has been on my bucket list for years. Last August I was finally be able to go on this amazing adventure. Never in my life did I expect a nature that is beige and lush green at the same time with almost no water during a very dry season and animals blending into the scenery so well.

Vienna (Austria) – London (UK) – Johannesburg (South Africa) – Tete (Mozambique) What a long journey to get to Coutada 9 where Njiri Eco Camp is set up in the middle of trees, bush and wild animals. 24 hours and 3 flights later we finally arrived in Tete where we were picked up by our friend who runs the camp. On the 4 hour car ride we couldn’t stop staring, gazing and asking questions. There were little sales booths on the side of the road selling coal, wood, bricks, all types of fruit, corn and flour. There were villages with small brick houses and thatched roofs. There were men, women and children carrying all sorts of supplies on bikes, their shoulders or heads.We just couldn’t stop asking questions.

Coutada 9 is situated between Tete and Chimoio. Navigation in Africa is fairly easy. There is are only a few main roads leading into the four cardinal points. Off these roads are smaller dirt roads taking you to the wild and untouched areas such as Njiri Eco Camp. The camp has access to over 200.000 hectares of land. It is unbelievable how wide and far it goes. You can drive around for hours and still see something new.

Upon arrival we went straight for our first game drive. The range of different vegetation, trees, grass and foremost animals was astounding. Our favorite animal of course – warthogs. Being a Disney enthusiast at heart we naturally compared everything to the Lion King. We spotted Pumba and Zazu just about everywhere and never did it cease to amaze us. Every single creature had me in awe with nature giving them different clever and resourceful traits that enable them to hide, blend in or fight their predator.

The next morning we got up bright and early for our first ever bushwalk. We saw warthogs, duiker, kudus and later even elephants. Always being save and protected by our professional hunter and field guide.

Evenings were time for a sundowner on a hill or by the fireplace. Once we even got to sleep out on a rock with stars above and the bush and wild animals beneath us. What a view and experience!!

The stake out in the treehouse. Seeing warthogs, Liechtenstein’s Hartebeest, baboons and much more.

Lunchtime was always peaceful and relaxing with naps, reading and exquisite local food. Of course there is always something to discover with animals everywhere, even around the camp. From frogs in our bathroom to kudu, impala, guinea fowls, warthogs and other antelopes by the waterhole or birds building nests. Below the male bird builds a nest to mate. When the female doesn’t like the nest, she destroys it. Nature is awesome 🙂

If you think of doing a Safari – go and do it! I have never been this relaxed after a holiday before. We felt at home, welcome and safe at Njiri Eco Camp thanks to Fabian, Holly and their team.



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