A bouquet of fresh herbs

Food is one of my guilty pleasures. Nothing is more satisfying than cooking fresh and enjoying the deliciousness with friends and family. As I love cooking for groups of people I put thought and effort into the endeavor of making people happy with home cooked meals. I usually don’t follow recipes rather I throw together what I find in the fridge and cabinets. To me the secret weapon to award-winning cuisine – at least good enough so your friends don’t abandon you – are fresh herbs.

Most important for any meal, cook with fresh ingredients. No instant meals, no dead nutrients, no lost vitamins or micronutrients. People think convenience food is faster and easier than cooking fresh when in a hurry. When it comes to food I think one should take time and actually enjoy what you are eating. Ultimately your body needs the energy to function properly and also to reduce risk of injury.

Though one has to shop for ingredients, wash them, chop and cook your body will thank you. There are many meals that can be prepared in 10-15 minutes. Hands down, who cannot make that much time when it comes to your own welfare? Convenience food is full of sugar, unhealthy fats, salt and flavor enhancers. In the long run they ruin your taste buds as you get used to them. Worst of all instant meals come in loads of plastic wrapping that pollute our environment.

Fresh herbs are rich in flavor and taste. Personally I failed multiple times at keeping a little flower bed in my kitchen. This was a very frustrating experience as I love fresh ingredients. Buying basil, rosemary or thyme stocks and keeping them is a huge challenge. They need a certain amount of water and also need to be placed in the right surrounding. Time and time again I watered them too little or too much, when going away for the weekend I found dry and brown plants on return.

Herbs 2
Chopping dill


It always made me sad to see my plants die as I didn’t want to lose them. One day before going away for a long weekend I came up with an idea: Why not stalking the herbs and freezing them? Now I keep fresh, washed and cut herbs in my freezer. This way I am able to stock a vaster variety of ingredients to spice up my meals. I always keep basil, thyme, dill, rosemary, chives and parsley. When cooking I just add these fresh herbs, they really to make a difference. What is your favorite herb?

xx, Ännie

Herbs 3
Dill and Basil ready to use

4 thoughts on “A bouquet of fresh herbs

    1. It works when using them for cooking, otherwise they lose too much water and get soggy. An other trick is to freeze them in olive oil like ice cubes. Gives a great base for sauces.


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